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A do-it-all mat for busy moms indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go.

Our vegan-leather, modern leather mats are made to comfortably spend quality time with family and friends.

Take it to the beach, use it as a play mat, do a craft atop with your kids, or place underneath a high chair to catch spills.

Made with busy adults (especially superhero moms!) in mind, we've created a do-it-all mat for indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go.


You have never experienced a mat quite like ours! Our mats are made for fun, connection, and togetherness. Made from vegan leather on top and bonded and flocked suede leather on the bottom, our mats have a soft, deluxe feel. Take these modern mats to the beach and enjoy the soft space to relax on. Do a craft on it in the backyard with your kids, or use as a picnic mat. Use them as table covers, or under a highchair to protect your floor. These feel buttery soft comfortable like a blanket – and you don't have to sacrifice on style!  


Our carrying strap makes them easily portable. Throw the strap over your shoulder and focus on your kid, pet, backpack and everything else we know you're carrying. Our mats can also be folded small and compact like a tarp for easy storage and transport.


Our mats are eco-friendly and easily cleaned. Material wipes clean easily, like a plastic tablecloth or tarp. No need to use your laundry machine or dryer - just spray with water, wipe off with a towel, and hang in the sun to dry.


Our mats are waterproof, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces and messes.


We truly believe they're the best gift for busy adults, especially moms.


With so many ways to use it, we hope you will love taking it with you on your adventures or even using it at home.  We want to invite you to take our mat with you and share your story with us!  We believe every individual has a unique story and journey to share.




Mats are made of vegan leather on one side and with genuine bonded and flocked suede leather on the other. 


72% PU Leather

28% Leather Fibers

Made in China

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